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Gentel Telekomunikasyon,

Gentel Telekomünikasyon was founded in year 2006 to share the knowledge and experience of its employees with more than 20 years of experience in telecommunication sector with its customers and create new business opportunities. Gentel is a Istanbul-Turkey based company. With more than 40 employees and service partners Gentel provides reliable, flexible and economically feasible solutions to its customers while focusing on delivering high quality services. Gentel provides turn-key solutions and also remote and on-site maintenance services to its customers.

  • Title: Gentel Telekomünikasyon San. ve Dış Tic.Ltd.Şti.
  • Foundation Date: 2006
  • E-mail: info@gentel.com.tr


  • 1987: "Siemens Communication Systems Marmara Regional Office" was established in 1987 to provide service and maintenance services.

  • 2006: This group went out of Siemens and founded as "Gentel Telecommunication San. ve Dis Tic.Ltd.Sti." in 2006

  • 2008: The services quality certified with TSE Service Quality and ISO 9001 Quality Management System certifications.

  • 2008: Gentel have been Turkey Distributor of Ruggedcom, Comlab and Albis Technologies and value added partner of Cisco.

  • 2010: Becomes value added reseller of Nokia Siemens Networks.

  • 2011: Certified with OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification.

  • 2012: Becomes Turkey Distributor of Emerson Network Power - Avocent - Vertiv Co and partnership with Aruba Networks, Brocade and Bluecoat.

  • 2012: Certified with ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems.

  • 2014: Becomes value added partner of Coriant.

  • 2015: Becomes value added reseller of Aselsan.NET ve Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Aruba Networks.

  • 2016: Becomes "Elite" partner and Support Center of Juniper Networks.

Our Values

Our Vision

In the field of telecommunications and information technology we want to have a company that steers the technological trends and remains always a company of first choice for our employees, customers, domestic and foreign business partners.

Our Mission

Our business partners (vendors, distributors, customers and employees) should be able to share their needs and pains easily with us and know that we do our best to help them. Our business partners should never doubt about our commitment to ethics.  Our business partners should know that we are always willing to learn new things and open for criticism to improve our self. Because we believe that a company can only survive and grow if it has satisfied partners. Doing business with satisfied and happy business partners.


To create an organization that does not compromise our ethical rules, where employees are proud and pleased, respect and communication. Our goal is to be able to meet the needs of our partners in as soon as possible. Always "accessible" and "reliable" for our solution partners. To conduct our business honestly and transparently. To act with the understanding of "openness - rightness" in information exchange. To make our processes compatible with the "ever-changing" world conditions. Staying committed to our commitments.


Wide Area Networks

- Today's changing business processes and loss of significance of geographical boundaries to share information and make international trade increases the demand on Wide Area Networks.

- Extensive data transfer rates, reliability, QoS needs of video, voice applications requires well designed, fast, reliable, flexible and scalable Wide Area Networks. During the design phase several parameters like required connection speed, possible access technologies, data content, applications, security, redundancy and the telecommunication infrastructure of local service providers should be taken into consideration.

- Gentel provides Wide Area Networks solutions tailored for customer's needs including design, provision of necessary hardware and software components, installation & commissioning and after sales support.

Local Area Networks

- Local Area Networks were mainly used to meet the basic communication needs like file and printer sharing, accessing to shared recourses etc. Today's faster communication interfaces, backplanes, sophisticated processor units and improved communication media make it possible to run voice, video, high speed data, application sharing, virtualization services over Local Area Networks.

- Local Area Networks should be designed by considering the services that should run over the network, QoS of Service requirements of these services, speed requirements and also future needs to provide the most beneficial LAN infrastructure for the customer.

Wireless Networks

- The demand to access nearly any information from nearly everywhere and without any physical connection made mobile devices an inevitable part of our lives. Smart phones, tablets, handheld terminals, industrial measurement devices, cameras, wireless printers, music devices, TVs etc. they all require a proper wireless network infrastructure, which should be able to handle the communication needs of many applications running on many mobile devices.

- The wireless network solution should also make it possible to create company policies based on the user identity, product id, application, location and time to ensure a better security and control. The solution should also be able to assign the best possible communication channel, best possible frequency and best possible band and access point to each of maybe hundreds of mobile devices.

- The wireless network infrastructures are also used as an addition to GSM networks to off-load the 3G traffic to the wireless network in crowded places such as stadiums, public places etc.

- Gentel provides reliable, secure and easily manageable wireless networks solutions with best of breed products available on the market.

Load Balancing

- Increased amount of data, increasing number of servers and clients require that the clients are connected to most appropriate server in the fastest way while avoiding interruption of services running on the network. The huge amount of the data to be accessed in a time period and the importance of the data increase the impact of outages and delays on the business productivity.

- For Internet services, the load balancer is usually something that is listening on the port where external clients connect to access services. The load balancer forwards requests to one of the "backend" servers, which usually replies to the load balancer. This allows the load balancer to reply to the client without the client ever knowing about the internal separation of functions. It also prevents clients from contacting back-end servers directly, which may have security benefits by hiding the structure of the internal network and preventing attacks on the kernel's network stack or unrelated services running on other ports.

- Gentel, together with its technology partners provides smart load balancing solutions to meet high performance needs of many services like DNS, WAP Gateway, CDN, SIP based VoIP.

Datacenter Solutions

- Gentel is the Value Added Reseller of Emerson Networks, Avocent, VertivCo that provides Datacenter Infrastructure Management Solutions, KVM Switches, Smart Power Distribution Units, LCD Console Servers, Terminal Servers.

- Gentel provides Datacenter Management Solutions by using Emerson Networks, Avocent, VertivCo products including provisioning of the necessary hardware and software, project management and after sales support.

- Gentel, together with its solution partners can also provide datacenter design and infrastructure services.

Industrial Ethernet Solutions

- Industrial Ethernet Solutions have to be build with rugged network devices that have high immunity against electromagnetic interference, extensive deviation of temperature and humidity, vibration, shock, dust, and corrosive gases. Gentel is the Value Added Reseller of Siemens and provides Industrial Ethernet Solutions with Siemens’ Ruggedcom products and also installation, commissioning and after sales support services. Siemens’ Ruggedcom product portfolio consists of Ethernet switches, Network Routers, Wireless Communication Devices, serial device servers, media converters, WiMax products and management software. Rugged Ethernet applications are growingly implemented in power plants and distribution facilities, transport systems, defense industry, chemical, oil, gas, metal, mining, automotive, electronic, semi-conductor industries, machine and pharmacy factories.

- As in other countries several successful projects were realized with Ruggedcom products. Beside industrial applications Ruggedcom products were also used in many Mobese projects in Turkey.

Transmission Systems

- SDH and PDH are the two terms that come to mind if we talk about transmission systems in the telecommunication sector. SDH is standard for a synchronous, fiber-optic transport system. SDH’s strength is in transporting delay sensitive voice and video, but SDH is also used for high speed data transport. Need for a digital transmission system faster and more sophisticated than T-E systems and Equipment interoperability, or “mid-span meet” were the motivators of SDH development. The main benefits of SDH are standardization, high speed, reliability, operations, administration, maintenance & Provisioning (OAM & P), Quality of Service (QoS), flexibility and scalability. Voice, digital cable, broadband access, Internet, interoffice trunking, private backbone networks, MANs and WANs, cellular PCS cell-site transport are some of the SDH applications.

- Similar to SDH PDH or the plesiochronous digital hierarchy is a popular technology that is widely used in the networks of telecommunication in order to transport the huge amounts of data over the digital equipment for transportation like microwave radio or fiber optic systems. SDH replaced the use of PDH in many applications. But not everywhere. Point to Point applications still use mainly PDH, and also, it's cheaper.

- Gentel provides product sourcing, installation, commissioning and support services for transmission system applications.



Consultancy can be provided about the operation of telecommunication network systems and their subsystems. The consultancy services have to be tailored according to the needs of the customer to minimize the operational costs.

Project Management

- Project management is the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals like meeting performance, time and cost criterias of the projects.

- Gentel Telekomünikasyon has rolled out several medium and big sized projects where she could show her project management capabilities.

Network Analysis and Planning

The right analysis of our customers' network needs is the service to create the most appropriate solution. Especially in wireless network applications, it is of utmost importance to plan wireless coverage thermal maps before deployment. Gentel will be your biggest supporter in finding the needs with competent technical staff and planning the appropriate solution. Gentel can also provide services for the analysis of bottlenecks in the existing network infrastructure upon request.

Datacenter Management System Implemantation

This service,
- Implementation of DCIM: Datacenter Infrastructure Management,
- Transfer of Data Center Placement Plans to DCIM system,
- Creation of Data Center Inventory Management Database,
- Commissioning of UMG:Universal Management Gateway System,
- Configuring to monitoring system software,
consist of this kind of solutions.
First implemantation of Trellis DCIM platform of Emerson-Avocent-Vertiv have been done by GENTEL.

Technical Support and Maintenance

- SLA based services (5x8 or 7x24) which conditions determined under service contracts for network and transmission based infrastructures. - Maintenance services can cover whole Turkey, it depends of contract.

This service consist of the following steps;

- To meet customer calls by Call Center
- Creation of problem cases
- Remote intervention
- On-site intervention
- Replace to faulty product
- RMA process of faulty product
- Creation of problem cases through vendor if problem related
- Closing to cases and reporting issues through customer.

Installation & Commissioning

This service consist of installation, commissioning and integration of transmission systems, switching systems, wireless systems, access systems, network monitoring, network management systems for the creation of mobile or fixed infrastructure networks.

Warehouse Management & Logistics

Spare parts, logistics service & management for the equipments of Information Technologies are a sub-component of this service.

Information technology equipment management services ;
- Hardware supply, storage of equipment, adaptation (lab setup), transport, on-site installation defined as roll-out services,
- Spare part management,
- consist of new site installation, re-installation at changed location and version update services with IMAC (Install-Move-Add-Change),
- Renewal services which is including the renewal of devices that have completed their economic life in the desired configurations,

which consist as integral part of whole system.

Site Acceptance Services

This service, which is presented in accordance with the customer's needs on the basis of the project, enables the site acceptance services to be carried out on behalf of the customer on the basis of the conditions determined by the customer. At present, this service is offered for the acceptance of GSM and Transmission sites.

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